2018 Range Rover Sport

Land Rover have just announced the details of the 2018 facelifted Range Rover Sport and it looks like it could raise a few eyebrows. Given JLRs recent announcement of wanting to move more towards electrification, the new Range Rover Sport will come with a plug in Hybrid powerplant option for the first time.

The Range Rover Sport P400e is clearly a massive step for the manufacturer as they move towards this new way of powering their vehicles. And on paper, it looks quite impressive. It will be powered by a 2 litre turbocharged engine combined with an 85kW electric motor. The combustion engine will produce 296bhp (impressive enough), but combine it with the electric motor and the total output increases to a staggering 399bhp with 472 lb of torque. In fact only the SVR (pictured above) has more power! (562bhp!) Not only that MPG figures are stated to be at 101 mpg combined.

In order to make room for the 13 kwh lithiam ion battery, the boot capacity will reduce by 77 litres but JLR say this shouldn't hinder storage space too heavily. The P400e will also be the heaviest in its range at 2471kgs, 350kgs heavier than its standard 2 litre turbocharged petrol brother.

Obviously, the facelifted Range Rover Sport will see exterior and interior upgrades as well.

New 'slimmer' LED headlights will sit either side or a redesigned grill and at the back a new spoiler will compliment the trademark sleek roof curvature.

Inside, will see the TouchPro Duo Entertainment System which made its debut in the recently launched Range Rover Velar featuring 2 x 10" touch screens to control all the navigation, media and climate features as well as new seats and the option of a gesture controlled sunvisor (another first for the JLR brand).

It all sounds very impressive and hopefully it will live up to its expectations when we see the car on the road in early 2018.